Identify YOUR True Skin Type

Use high quality professional Skin Care.


One of the best Clear Skin Remedies is to use Professional Skin Care.


Trust Us, Professionals don’t use mass market or drugstore brands in their facials –  They use Professional Products, because they deliver real results and you can use them too. Identify your true skin type and then invest in a quality professional skin care  line designed for your type and your concerns. Low-quality products contain ingredients that can actually cause breakouts, like artificial fragrances and dyes.


Even if they do contain the right ingredients, they are watered down so you have to use more product and end up spending the same amount of money in the long run.


Do your research and find quality products that are proven to be effective for your skin type and concerns.


The Therapist at the St Andrews Spa are well trained in doing a Skin Assessment and guiding you in which products are suited for you.

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